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Address: 212 wells Avenue South, Suite # 107, Renton Wa, 98057

About us

Walk-ins are welcome or call to set up an appointment. We are a debt relief agency helping clients file bankruptcy under the code.

At Affordable Documents we prepare all the forms and paperwork required to file your BANKRUPTCY or DIVORCE. No online forms, confusion or additional stress. Meet us in person for one on one attention or via the telephone for an interview. To further your convenience we will mail all paper work to avoid multiple trips to our office if you prefer.

Affordable Documents has been in the same Renton, WA location since 1988. For over 22 years we have been the "Fastest, Friendliest and Low-cost" company in the state.

We are not a law firm. However, we work with an attorney and access to his office for bankruptcy help and guidance is provided as needed